Military Personnel

In apprecation of the sacrifice made by our military and veterans, the Military Outreach initiative provides qualified personnel with an affordable or free YMCA membership.

Retired or Active Military personal:
  1. Visit the YMCA Welcome Center and complete a membership application
  2. Present a copy of valid military ID .
  3. If approved, a 50% discount will be applied to any full-facility membership.

Families of deployed National Guard or Reserves personnel:
  1. Visit the YMCA Welcome Center and complete a membership application.
  2. Turn in deployment papers - The deployed person must be deployed outside of our geographic region for six or more months.
  3. A copy of the military ID for deployed person and their family members is required.
  4. Eligibility form from Department of Defense filled out, signed and dated, is required.
  5. Independent duty personnel need: Military IDs for themselves and their families, Department of Defense eligibility form completely filled out, signed and dated, and approved independent duty letter signed by commanding officer and branch point of contact.
  6. If approved, a free family membership will be awarded. This must be re-submitted and renewed every six months.

For more information email