Pool Guide

When school is out, the Y is in! Utilize the pool for youth swim lessons, join a fitness class, go lap swimming, or just soak up the sun! 

Opening Day:

Monday, May 27th

How to Access the Y Pool:
  • $10 Full Facility Day Pass - $2 Wednesdays throughout the summer!
  • With a YMCA membership 

Click here for the June- July Pool Schedule
Click here for the August Pool Schedule

Water Safety

At the Y, water safety is a key part of our mission to encourage health and active fun in the water. Our policies ensure our pools stay safe for everyone. All swimmers under age 18 must pass a swim test before they can be in the deep end of the pool. Parents/guardians of swimmers ages 11 or under must remain on-site at the pool. All swimmers age 12 and older who have passed the test may use the pool on their own. 

Swimmers who do not pass the swim test must remain within arm's reach of an adult. Youth who have not passed the swim test may not go down slides or enter the deep end, regardless of the presence of a parent or the use of a personal flotation device.

Swim test will be administrated by lifeguards during Community Swim or can be scheduled in advance by contacting us at 931-836-3330.


Swim Lessons

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. The YMCA’s youth swim lessons teach your child how to become safe and confident swimmers in a friendly and supportive small-group setting. Throughout the summer of 2024, the Y will be offering FREE group lessons for ages K-3rd. We also offer private sessions for all ages.  


Pool Parties

Make your next party a pool party! The Y Pool is a great place to have your next birthday party or family gathering! 


Swim League

Swim teams at the YMCA instill a sense of belonging in young swimmers during the summer season.  The Y swim league offers youth the chance to experience the enormous health benefits of swimming while enjoying the fun, excitement and character lessons that come with being a member of a competitive swim team. Swim teams at the Y help both novice and more experienced swimmers improve their strokes and technique through regular practices. Team members are also given the chance to enter competitive swim meets.


Water Aerobics

A shallow water, medium-intensity workout, using the water for resistance, toning muscles, and increasing endurance and flexibility. This is a full body workout, a combination of cardio respiratory and muscle conditioning. With exercise modifications and alternatives, water aerobics is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Classes can be attended through a $10 day pass purachse or any full facility membership.


Community Block Parties

We are thrilled to provide a no cost event to the community! Throughout the Summer, we invite everyone to a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere at the Y Pool. Children under the age of 18 will eat and swim free. Join this free, fun, family-friendly party where churches, local businesses and vendors offer fun activities and entertainment.


Lap Swim

Swimming is a good all-round cardiovascular activity because it keeps your heart rate up but takes impact stress off your body. Open Lap Swim is offered at various times throughout the week. Lap Swim is open to YMCA members and can be accessed with the purchase of a $10 daily pass for Community Members.

For more information, contact our Program Director, Gin Skinner, at gin@spartaymca.org or 931-837-2061.