Special Olympics Powerlifting

In Special Olympics, powerlifting is much more than deadlift, squat or bench press. It is effort, persistence and courage. Training, determination and attitude, are the key facts that define the balance between a successful or a failed attempt. The barbell, despite testing the physical strength, is also highlighting the athlete’s inner wish to improve, “not to make compromises." The International Powerlifting Federation, which is the international governing body for the sport of powerlifting, has been supporting Special Olympics lifters for years. In April 2013, the IPF and Special Olympics agreed to work together to grow the sport worldwide for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our YMCA is host to the Area 9 Special Olympic Powerlifting Team. Any athlete with any range of experience can join the program upon completion of an evaluation with our Fitness & Wellness Director, Nina. We meet the athletes where they are, teach them the olympic lifts with proper form, and purchase them the equipment they need. The end goal for our athletes is to compete in sanctioned powerlifting meets, in which the all expenses are covered. However, we have many athletes that come to practice for the physical activity and social interaction with no desire to compete. Our YMCA host two sanctioned Powerlfiting Meets per year: PowerFest & The Warrior Winter Brawl.

Practice Dates:

Avengers Session: Tuesday & Thursdays at 5PM

Justice League Session: Wednesday & Fridays at 5PM


14 and up



All special needs ahtletes qualify for a free YMCA membership.

To register, schedule an orientation or learn more email our Fitness & Wellness Director at nina@spartaymca.org.